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    Prevention is better than cure. So eat well, clean your teeth and have regular check up visits!

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    Tooth Decay

    Tooth decay is a common problem with a complex process, most frequently appearing as a result of sucrose or sugar.

    Most of us love the taste of something sweet, as do some of the bacteria that exist on our teeth. By turning this sugar into acid, the bacteria can cause the gradual dissolving of the tooth, therefore leading to tooth decay.

    There are many ways to prevent tooth decay, the main one being by ensuring that sweet snacks are not consumed repeatedly throughout the day. Too many sweet things can lead to the rotting of the teeth, especially in the case of children.

    By focussing on non-sweet snacks and drinks such as fruit, water and unsweetened breakfast cereals, you can lower your family’s risk of tooth decay.

    We also recommend brushing your teeth twice a day with a toothpaste containing fluoride. This is particularly important due to the Cairns water supply no longer containing fluoride.

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    Gum Disease

    Here at Steve Baker Dentist our team are committed to understanding gum disease – also known as periodontal disease – and offering expert advice on how to prevent it.

    Bleeding and infected gums cause the bone around the tooth to retreat downwards, potentially resulting in the loosening of the tooth and, in extreme cases, the need for extraction. We believe that establishing a good routine of tooth brushing and gum care will assist in keeping the mouth healthy.

    As well as recommending the use of electric toothbrushes, we suggest using small brushes on sticks known as Piksters into your routine.

    These brushes are ideal for cleaning the areas between the teeth, resulting in a reduced risk of bone retreat. Piksters are available to buy within our surgery at affordable prices, so don’t hesitate to ask for more details.

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    Oral health promotion
    We believe that establishing a routine of good oral health begins at a young age, which is why we work closely with children and families in order to promote the benefits of looking after your teeth.
    There is no out of pocket cost for dental treatment covered by the Child Dental Benefit Scheme (CDBS).

    Call us today on 07 4051 7160 for more details.

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