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    Mouthguard and Splints in Cairns


    These are worn while playing sport. A properly fitted mouth guard is important to protect your teeth during contact sport. 

    We take an impression of your mouth then the mouth guard is made of specially fabricated soft plastic.

    They can be made in different colours and team colours. A mouthguard should be comfortable to wear.

    As a dentist in Cairns I believe it is essential they be worn for contact sports and should be mandatory at school level in the higher grades.

    Store Bought Mouthguards

    Store Bought Mouthguards The ones you buy at the chemist are much cheaper. They are OK if you can wear them but they are much bulkier and many people don’t find them comfortable.

    They are put in hot water and then you mould them yourself in your mouth.

    Night Guards

    Night Guards, also known as Occlusal Splints.

    It’s not uncommon for people to develop aching jaws and jaw joints by clenching or grinding their teeth while sleeping. People can also damage their teeth quite severely by grinding their teeth.

    Separating the teeth with a Night Guard while sleeping allows the muscles to relax and also protects the teeth from being ground away or broken by the opposing teeth. An impression is taken of your teeth and the device is made in a dental laboratory.

    They are comfortable to wear and safe to wear while sleeping.
    night guards

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