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    Endodontics or Root Canal Therapy in Cairns

    When the nerve inside a tooth becomes inflamed or has become non vital then you can get a toothache.

    An ordinary filling won’t stop the discomfort and the tooth needs to be root filled via a treatment called root canal therapy.

    Often the only alternative treatment is extraction of the tooth.

    Our Cairns dentist will clean the old nerve out and then replace the nerve with a root filling. A root filling goes right to the end of the tooth replacing the old infected nerve.

    A root filling can cost over $1000 and will take often 3 or four appointments. You should be well out of pain within 12 hours or so.

    After the root filling, the tooth has been weakened by the large filling and also tends to go dark and brittle. So often a dental crown has to be placed over the tooth.
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