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    Dental Implants in Cairns

    Implants are often a wonderful replacement for missing teeth. An implant is a titanium screw with an internal thread, into which a crown can be screwed. The dental implant is screwed gently into available bone. Importantly, sufficient and good quality, bone is needed into which to place the implant. 

    The implant is left for probably 3 months in the bone to integrate before a load is placed upon them by a tooth crown. Usually a temporary dental crown or bridge is placed during this period. Sometimes bone has to be added to an area, most often on the upper jaw, so that implants have strong bone into which to be inserted. This will add cost to the procedure.
    Implant crowns and bridges can have multiple implants in the bone under them. I prefer at this dental practice to have implants placed by a surgeon who has placed thousands of these fixtures. I coordinate the surgery and then place the implant crown onto the implant fixture. 

    Our crowns are quality crowns made here in Cairns. Patients do travel oversees to have dental implants done and often this is successful and less expensive. But if problems occur then treatment can be very difficult. And your dental insurance probably won’t be applicable oversees. Smoking is a real disadvantage if you are considering having implants placed. Consider giving up smoking first! Or at least during the healing process.

    teeth implants
    dental implants

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